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Over the years, I have captured many different photographs, ranging from modelling shoots, beautiful landscapes, friends weddings, to the Royal Navy working in humanitarian disaster relief zones around the world. 

I was born on the Isle of Wight in 1984 and continued living there up until 2015. I joined the Royal Navy in 2003. Having had an interest in photography since a young age, it was an amazing journey and opportunity when I joined The Defence School of Photography, course 5300-17 in March 2009. It was an intense but thoroughly rewarding course, allowing myself access to and the use of some amazing equipment.

I spent over 7 years as a fulltime photographer during my 13 year Naval career. I travelled the globe and was fortunate to visit such places as the Far East, Australia, South America and finished my final deployment down the Antarctic, onboard the Navy's ice breaker HMS Protector. 

Now, I am back in civvy street, and work with the South Central Ambulance Service. Responding to 999 calls is a change to taking photos around the world, but I am happy to have my favourite hobby back.

Since leaving, I have swapped the heavy and bulky Navy issued Nikon SLR kits for the small and lightweight SLR camera's. Initially I shot with the amazing Fuji X-Pro 1 and X-T1 cameras, but have since reverted back to what I know, and now shoot on the Nikon D750.

The images on this site were all captured using a wide range of professional camera's and lenses

Enjoy your viewing.

Royal Navy Photographer of the Year 2010

Royal Navy photographers who deploy with warships and commando units worldwide are recognised each year for their talent, dedication and creativity at the annual Peregrine Trophy awards.

Joining up as any other rating into a particular trade such as logistics, engineering or warfare specialists, the sailors work hard to excel at their chosen field before being accepted into the elite photographic branch.

The select few then work with the Royal Navy and Royal Marines on deployments anywhere in the world – from Antarctica to Afghanistan, from the UK to the Far East – taking pictures of maritime operations, personnel at work and demonstrating all aspects of Service life.

Each year the best of these images are showcased at the prestigious annual Peregrine Trophy awards.

In 2010, I was awarded the title of 'Royal Navy Photographer of the year'. Having only joined the photographer branch in late 2009, I feared that I may have peaked too early in my photography career. Fortunately, I have come runner up and been 'highly commended' since then, in 2014 and 2016. 


The British Institute of Professional Photography

The British Institute of Professional Photography is an internationally recognised qualifying organisation with over 100 years experience in supporting and networking photographers.

We are a not for profit organisation delivering education, qualifications and professional development to photographers. We achieve this by offering a challenging qualifications structure alongside a full programme of training courses, events and a number of preferential deals on useful products and services.

With members worldwide covering every discipline of photography, BIPP also works with a number of Colleges, including the Defence School of Photography and the College of Policing to ensure the future of the professional photographic industry. One of the key areas of our work is helping to represent professional photography to government and industry.

I am a qualified Licentiateship (LBIPP) of the British Institute of Professional Photographers. 

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