Royal Navy Life - Keith Morgan Photo
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Today 6th December 2013 the Type 45 Destroyer HMS Daring has arrived in Pusan, Korea following a successful visit to Tokyo, Japan.

HMS Daring was greeted by a traditional welcoming ceremony before a busy programme of Defence Industry Sales Day, an evening reception as well as welcoming the First Sea Lord back on board

On sailing from Pusan, Daring will participate in a trilateral naval exercise with US and ROK Naval Ships. The naval exercise is aimed at improving teamwork and interoperability between the three navies in theatre security cooperation and humanitarian relief operations. All three nations have recently supported the Philippines in the wake of the Typhoon Haiyan.

HMS Daring is a Portsmouth based warship and is on a nine-month deployment around the world. She has already clocked up more than 20,000 miles carrying out regional visits and engagements as well as military exercises in the Atlantic, the Eastern Seaboard of the USA, the Pacific, the South China Sea and more recently humanitarian support in the Philippines.

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